Great title huh? Well, this blog is not covering those subjects.  It’s July 2019, the sultry summer is here, and somehow, we still haven’t legalized or decriminalized cannabis in NY yet.  The state of NY and the Federal Government keeps spending our money, while giving citizens less each year.  I have to find ways to save money each day to stay on our incredibly tight household budget, and then read about multi-million dollar airshows and super expensive firework displays.  This confuses me, I thought the country and the state was running a budget deficit? How do they have all this money to spend on a party, but none to improve trains, planes, and roads?

I’ve smoked ganja my whole adult life, and learning how to budget your money is essential to be an every day smoker.  I’ve had to give up vacations, eating take out, and not going out as much.  I found ways to live cheaply to keep my cannabis budget in the “green!”  Friends who were non-smokers would drop over a hundred buck just to go out to a local bar.  I would have a few drinks and go outside to smoke, too.  Yes, there were months where money was tight, but I always found a way to have a bit of ganja around for a few bongs here or there. 

My car was always a cheaper model and one that was inexpensive to own.  To spend my whole income for a car or an apartment never made sense, I had my priorities.  Most importantly, I would never steal or con anyone for pot or money, instead I made a deal that benefited both buyer and seller.  I believed and still believe that all cannabis enthusiasts are brothers/sisters  and should always be treated with respect.  I always remember not to be a Bogart!

Isn’t NY State and the Federal Government bogarting the joint? They smoke as much as they want and give you the leftovers! The decisions are made based on greed, and the concept of the “Kitchen Table” issues are hyped, then forgotten.  On most of the nation’s holidays politicians made speeches thanking the troops, while they are treated with disrespect the rest of the year and Vets have to fight for medical coverage they have already earned!  All of us stoners know, if you want money for weed, you have to save it from somewhere else!  The idea of stealing weed or money from others is just so colossally uncool, it’s BOGUS!

The idea of change can only occur when we know how much money is being spent and then to be vocal about future budgets.  In government, they budget first, then break that budget to borrow more, then pretend they have more money until it’s time to fix the roads.  Then the folks of New York and America are charged a second time for something that they have paid taxes on already.  Maybe that’s why legalization has failed: the only honest sellers of cannabis are the “Illegal” dealers.  The new breed of mega-corporations courting the cannabis industry and quietly guiding legislation with their dark money, are the ones controlling the process in the Eastern United States and the reason legalization is taking so long. 

Are we allowed to question capitalism now?