The Boardgames We LOVE!

At the GGG we love ganja games!  Love them we do!  Any good ganja game starts with a solid board or card game.  Many of the smoking games are traditional games that add a smoking component to them.  I totally understand that and I really enjoy playing board and card games.  In fact, my whole family loves gaming and we do it on a regular basis.  We have amassed an impressive collection of board and cards games.  And we are always looking for a new game or a cool one that we’ve never played. 

I thought it would be interesting for you to see what traditional games I like.  I have several recommendations for games that you should have or might enjoy playing with friends or family.  I have three lists of games that might help you find a game to purchase or go demo at your local game store.  The first list is board games to play with your family:

1.       Ticket to Ride

2.       Settlers of Catan

3.       Stratego

4.       Clue

5.       Pandemic

6.       Scrabble

7.       Onitama

Family Card Games:

1.       Mille Bornes

2.       Sushi Go

3.       Machi Koro

4.       Boss Monster

5.       Fluxx

6.       This Game Goes to Eleven

Games that don’t really fit into a category:

1.       King of Tokyo

2.       Jenga

3.       Blokus

4.       Hey, That’s my Fish!

5.       Zombies

Each list is in no particular order, and I suggest trying as many of these games as you can.  Family game night is a great idea and a way to sit down with family and have fun.  Each week, a new game can add joy to your weekly routine and make each gaming experience into memories that will last a lifetime.  

I have another list I keep to myself: games my son David can beat me at almost every time!  David is a 12-year-old gamer with a sharp mind and faster fingers.  I’ve given up beating him at video games, so strategy games were my last refuge of victory.  My advice is to start playing games with your kids early: they get smart and it might be your only chance at victory!


Gary Schwartz