The National Cannabis Festival and Roll-a-Bong Games


Washington, DC hosted the nation’s biggest 420 party.  Held at the RFK festival grounds, the NCF is billed as a the nation’s biggest cannabis event and concert featuring Ludacris and DJ Biz Markie.  I was there with my game, Roll-a-Bong, as a guest of Blunt Factz, DC’s #1 Canna-Game Show.  In the past, I have attended local cannabis-friendly events and I even went to the Cannabis Cup in Denver, but I have never attended an event like this.    

The event staff was friendly and helpful and kept the grounds clear for event attendees.  The available food, facilities, and pre-rolled doobies kept the crowd happy.  I would like to say I had a chance to meet up with all my friends there, but I was too busy sharing and selling my games.  I was thankful for the passing hellos to my brothers and sisters in the cannabis advocate community.  My booth was packed from start to finish, and I talked and smoked myself hoarse by 5pm.  Best party ever!

Thanks to Weedmaps for covering Roll-a-Bong and giving us a big spot in their article about the NCF.  The piece spotlighted my wife and I.  Bill Barlow wrote the piece for Weedmaps and did a great job sharing the feeling of the event. I appreciated my picture in the piece displaying my board game.  I took no pictures, so the one in the Weed Maps article is the only picture of me at the NCF.  Why?  I was having too much fun to take out my phone.

I have to give credit to the crowd for being peaceful and pleasant to be around, and generally fun.  The last minute search for pre-rolled joints drove event goers to scour the grounds looking for anything, but mostly people were chill.  I felt like I was hanging out with 50 thousand friends and I was struck by the generous nature of most people: everyone was willing to share, and share they did.  The organizers deserve credit for a exciting event and I plan to go back next year.