How We Rate Games?

There is list after list after list of games and their rankings.  “This game is 5 stars!” “This is a good strategy game.” Always the list supports a specific view of games.  My friend, Mr. Lester, has tasked me to create a system where any game can be scored.  The scores would, in essence, create a ranking system, but based on what I believe are the important qualities of a good board, card, or, really any game.  I also endeavor to keep the system simple as complexity creates its own difficulties and then stops being an effective ranking tool. 

Categories to be scored are: Game Playability, Game Design, Box Design, Instructions and Learnability, GGG membership.

A.       Game Playability- Is it dull to play, fun once, or enjoyable every time you play? 

·         Enjoyable every time: 5pts

·         Fun for multiple times: 4pts

·         Fun the first and second time you play: 3pts

·         Could be fun, was just a tad slow: 2pts

·         Boring!: 1pt


B.      Game Design- The design of the game enhances the playing experience.

·         Art! Beautiful design and playability. Highest quality: 5pts

·         Great design and layout, it adds to the game playing experience.  Excellent quality: 4pts

·         Solid design, good art, and good quality: 3pts

·         Not a great design, but does not hinder game play. Fair quality: 2pts

·         Crap!: 1pt


C.      Box Design- Is the box inviting and tells you about the game? Is it well Made and looks good on a shelf? Remember, the box is the first thing you see!

·         A beautiful box with excellent graphics.  The box’s bottom clearly explains the game.  It looks great on a shelf and the name is visible.  The quality is of the highest standard:  5pts

·         Attractive Box with clear graphic.  The box’s bottom is using to give information about the game.  The Quality is above industry standards: 4pts

·         Good box with good graphics.  Easy tell what game it is on a shelf and the quality meets industry standards:  3pts

·         Good box but graphic are difficult to read or unclear.  Some element of the game is below industry standards and makes the game seem cheap:  2pts

·         Garbage!: 1pt


D.      Instructions and learnability- Can you play the game the first time or does it take a few times to master?  Are the rules clear and understandable? With mastery, can you get better at the game?

·         Simple elegant rules that allows any player to master the game the first time played.  Mastery of the game allows for high level play:  5pts

·         Efficient rules with clear objectives.  Game play takes some learning and experienced players have a big advantage:  4pts

·         Clear rules, but takes some learning.  The game objective can be learned while playing and experienced players know how to win:  3pts

·         Rules are intact, but the print is small or hard to read.  You understand the game, but see no real reason for it:  2pts

·         What???:  1pt

E.       Special Section- The Ganja Gaming Guild.  Only for party and cannabis games. Bonus Points!

·         Rastafarian game.  Players get to partake from the bong, pipe, blunt, or whatever the player chooses:  5pts

·         Heavy Duty! Consuming cannabis is integral to the play of the game, and is used as a prize.  The game is cannabis themed and is intended for group use.  Drinks are also offered: 4pts

·         Good Party Game.  Players get to smoke or drink and it adds to the fun of the game: 3pts

·         Barely a game, but who cares because you get to get wasted!: 2pts

·         Ditch weed! Crap! Rip off!: 1pt

Score Range: 25 Points (The ultimate game) to 5 Points (You got some nerve for selling this!)

Today’s Scores:

·         Scrabble: A5+B4+C3+D4+E3=19

·         Jenga:  A5+B3+C3+D5+E3=19

·         Dab Out Board Game: A4+B5+C4+D5+E5= 23

·         This Game Goes to Eleven: A3+B4+C5+D3+E2= 17

·         Toker Dice: A2+B2+C2+D4+E3= 13