My Top Ten (or so) Favorite Cartoons Found on YouTube

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Yes, you will be mad.  No, I most likely do not have your favorite cartoon here.  These are the ones I found on YouTube.  Some have been taken off since, but I viewed all of these there.  I’m a life-long comic book fan, and I’ve read hundreds of science fiction and fantasy books.  I tried to pull cartoons from all the various eras that I have watched cartoons, so some might be old.  So here we go with my top ten, and few more, favorite animations found on YouTube.

#10 The New Adventures of Flash Gordon (1979-80).  This cartoon had great characters, a story arc for the whole first season, and has the earliest examples of computer animation. The bright wave patterns used as a special effect made this solid cartoon into something different and magical. 

#9 Ren and Stimpy Season 1 (1991-92).  The first season of this show was ground breaking.  John Kricfalusi’s over the top writing and super gross close-ups changed the way cartoons were written and drawn.  “Don’t Wiz on the Electric Fence” is a favorite episode of mine.  Don’t forget “Happy Happy Joy Joy!”

#8 The Incredible Hulk (1996-97) This cartoon captured the essence of the Hulk and was voiced by none other than Lou Ferrigno.  The other voice talent was excellent and gave the show a perfect comic touch without getting silly.  The story and the animation was up to the high quality we have become accustomed to at Marvel.  The Hulk is my favorite character, and this is my favorite depiction of a classic character.

#7 Pinky and the Brain.  This cartoon has the best reoccurring bit of any cartoon.  Two laboratory mice, who’s genes have been spliced.  One is a genus, the other’s insane.  Each night they try to take over the world! The first season is hilarious. Pinky could be the funniest animated character. Narf!

#6 Space Ghost.  Appearing in his own cartoon and a short-lived talk show, Space Ghost is the possessor of my favorite, and possibly the coolest weapon in all animation.  The power bands: bracers with three buttons each, are unmatched in power and allow Space Ghost to fight space ships.  The show featured two teen side-kicks with an intelligent chimp as a pet.  A fun cartoon with average animation.  The Space Ghost Talk show had several episodes that had me rolling on the floor!

#5 The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2010-11).  This cartoon’s two seasons featured the best story I have ever seen from Marvel.  Each character is done well, and the animation is spot on great! I believe this is Marvel’s best animated product and all others will be measured against it.  The second season is far better than the Avengers movies, with it’s in-depth story with interesting plot twists.  Most importantly the Hulk kicks ass!

#4  MTV’s Liquid Television featuring Aeon Fluxx and The Maxx.  These cartoons could be called Art-toons!  The animation is breath-taking, innovative, and fascinating to watch.  Both shows featured a bizarre plot but were incredibly well written.  Sam Keith created The Maxx comic in 1993 and it pushed the boundary of abstract comic art.  Aeon Fluxx was made into a movie with Charlize Theron, and it was hot! These are a must to see!

#3  Loony Toon Cartoons.  The standard was set with Bugs Bunny and the cast of characters at Warner Brothers.  “What’s Up Doc” is still used today and is known by most.  The back-talking Brooklyn bunny is a favorite of several generations and something that most people can agree upon, Bugs Bunny is funny!  Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and the dozens of other recognizable characters make up the Loony Toon bull pen, each character funnier than the last. 

#2  The Simpsons.  What hasn’t been said about the Simpsons? I can’t believe this cartoon is still on, making new episodes.  I just love this cartoon and believe no other cartoon uses pop-culture references and makes them truly funny.  The Simpsons has broken most records and features wide-ranging celebrity appearances.  The Who, my favorite band, guest stared in an episode and their music was so loud it knocked down the wall in the middle of Springfield.   

#1 Thundarr The Barbarian (1980-81) Using the designs of Jack “The King” Kerby, Thundarr is a post-apocalyptic Conan the Barbarian.  Armed with his Sun Sword, a magic light sabre-like sword, Thundarr does battle with mutants and magicians.  With his companions Princess Ariel, the sorceress and OOkla the Mock, they fight for justice and freedom.  The animation is average, but the story and the characters more than make up for it.  In the 80’s every D&Der begged their DMs for a Sun Sword, it was as cool as Space Ghost’s bracers.

Alternate #1 Batman-the Dark Knight Returns.  Frank Miller’s Dark Night Returns comic is done perfectly.  There is no comparison to this animated feature.  DC when it does something right, is always the best in the industry and this adaptation is the best ever.  A must see!

Alternate #1 The Tick.  Taken from the pages of the short-lived comic “The Tick,” it is the funniest cartoon I have ever seen.  I can name four or five episodes that are the funniest cartoons ever.  Words fall short describing the humor that permeates each and every episode.  An absolute must to see!