Bindu- A Game of Tricks and Tokes


I love games of all kinds: card games, board games, video games, mostly all games.  It was my love of games that inspired me to create the Roll-a-Bong board game.  I combined my two favorite pastimes into one activity.  Excited by the success of my game and the fun we were having playing, I went out and purchased other cannabis-themed games.  Many were excellent, some were good, and some were just ways to make a buck off of cannabis enthusiasts.  Now with a large collection of games, I noticed a great lacking in a game two people could play during their session.  Was this a problem, or an opportunity in disguise?

I decided to produce my own game.  I first considered an Italian coffee house game similar to Casino, a game I played with my Grandmother in my youth. I liked the game’s simplicity, but the need for strategy.  With this old game as a base, I updated the rules and changed some of the game play features to allow for quick but competitive smoking fun.

I called my game Bindu, which means “point” in Hindi, as a homage to the those people who brought Ganja to Jamaica.  Bindu is the special bonus for “sweeping the table” as players compete for the most cards, Honey Dab cards, and sevens. Players take turns making tricks to gain points, with the player who reaches 11 points first, the winner.  Along the way, “The Rasta” card can pop up, this invites the player to take a hit of ganja- please enjoy responsibly!

This game is intended for players over 21 years old and can be played in a four player format.  The game is quick and fun, easily mastered in the first session.  The art is first class, and gives the game a unique feel.  Bindu is perfect for your next hang out, session, or game night.  This product is a member of the Ganja Gaming Guild and can be purchased from our various members.  Learn more about Bindu at