Ganja Game Night 2019


Cannabis smoking games are a celebration of stoner culture.  Each game allows players a chance to consume their favorite sticky bud, dank vape, or pure dab hits.  There are card games, board games, dice games, and more, all dedicated to smoking herb.  Each game having it own nuance and rules, creating a unique experience for ganja gamers.  Players will use bongs, blunts and rigs, to consume as directed by the games.  So get ready and I will give you a “How To” run your own game night with each of these games.

To have a “Roll-a-Bong” Board Game party, hosts will be required to do some shopping!  Roll-a-Bong is a party in a box and if you follow the directions, players will drink, snack, smoke, and more.  Hosts will need to get drinks, alcohol if so desired, something with caffeine, and water as desired by players.  Get a fun snack like chips or cookies, this will be needed if players land on the “Deli” square.  Hosts will need to provide a bong, a pipe, and rolling papers (preferably Curved!).  Lastly, a dish for game players to contribute pot. 

Now you’re ready to play.  Each gamer picks a pawn and places it on the start square.  Players are encouraged to add some pot to the community dish for prizes for those who land on smoking squares.  In order, players roll one die and move along the track - always getting higher as you move.  Each square has a rule that players follow.  The Roll-a-Bong square is always a welcome prize.  Players will immediately roll two dice and look for the results on the “Roll-a-Bong” Chart.  Give a Bong, Take a Bong, and other possible prizes are available.  The most important thing when playing this game is to remember that it is a community building game and no one is being forced to smoke. Players are welcomed to give away their “prize” to anyone they choose!

Lurking on the board are two “Narks” looking to take away your next bong hit!  The “Avoid Next Nark” square is the “get out of jail” equivalent for Roll-a-Bong and allows you to negate the Nark’s power to take a bong hit from you.  The board also features “Deli” squares where a gamer who lands there is treated to a snack or tasty treat.  The “Heat Wave” square encourages players to get up and dance, and the Instant Improv square asks players to tell a joke or do a funny impression.  Each square adds to the party and, when and if a player reaches the last square, the group celebrates with the rest of the pot in a big joint.

This game takes a bit of preparation, but it is worth it!  Each player gets a drink, a snack, a smoke, and a chance to be funny or silly.  Roll-a-Bong board game is “The Rolling and Smoking Game for the Whole Joint!” This ganja game encourages all to play and take part in the fun.  Many squares do not involve smoking and can be enjoyed by anyone. This is truly a great party game.  Do yourself a favor and pick up your very own copy today.