Ganja Game Night 2019 Part 2


The first time I saw a group of people playing the Dab Out board game at one of my underground events, I was amazed and a bit jealous.  The pawns are really detailed to look like various dabbing supplies, the board and it’s cards are well made, which gives this board game a clean, but vintage look.  Being a game designer, I took notice to everything in Dab Out.  I realized that Green Rush Goods, the games manufacturer and distributor, had set the industry standard.

Players roll the “pot leaf” dice to move around the track.  The first player begins by throwing the dice and moving the number of squares indicated by the dice.  The player must then do what is indicated by the square on which they land: if a player rolls a “6” and lands on “Take a Dab” the player must take a dab. If a player lands on “Rig Takes a Dab” the player using the rig-shaped pawn must take a dab, etc.  The goal of the game is to collect 7 “Green Skunk” cards.  There are also Dab Out squares where players follow the directions on the card. 

For me, watching a group play this game, I was truly blown away.  They laughed when someone got a tongue twister Dab Out card, and totally messed it up.  Gamers loved the pawns and talked about how detailed they were.  I explained the Dab Out philosophy which is, smoke what you got and please be safe about what you do!  They told me that it excited the group to play a game for dabbers, it was their preferred way of enjoying cannabis. 

Packing up the game later, I noticed the solid design of the box.  There was room for all the cards and pawns and the board fit back in the box perfectly. The rules, located on the inside of the box top, are clear and easy to follow.  I took note, so when I redesign my game, Roll-a-Bong, I’m going need the highest quality work to be considered at the same level as Dab Out.  Lucky for me, many of us in the cannabis game industry work cooperatively and sell each other’s products.  Green Rush Goods owner, Michael Haran, is one of the good guys and a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to doing events together with him in Las Vegas in the Spring.