Say ”Blunt Bong Blunt” Three Times Fast!


On Thursday night, I had the pleasure to play/demo Dab Out board game with the exclusive clientele at the Buddhachief in NYC.  Together we tried seemingly impossible tongue twisters and a whole lot of smoking when we were wrong.  The game board has a retro feel but adds detailed tokens representing all types of dab tools.   The game features “Green Skunk” cards that make you say various tongue twisters, and “Dab Out” cards that give you directions to follow. 

To win the game, a player will need to collect seven “Green Skunk” cards.  To win “Green Skunk” cards, players must say the tongue twister printed on the card.  The game features many other elements like the “Hot Box.” Just like Jail in Monopoly, the player may not collect “Green Skunk” cards here and they need to roll a “7” or a “10” to leave.  Players are released after three turns and are asked to smoke the number of dabs on the dice on the third throw to get out.

Like all cannabis enthusiast games, players are asked to only smoke as much as they are comfortable with and should not feel forced to smoke more.  Board games like “Dab Out” celebrate the cannabis culture and all those who enjoy smoking and playing games to smoke at their desired level.  With that said, Dab Out is the king of all smoking games!  This is not a game for lightweights and neophytes.  To win Dab Out, you need to be a serious cannabis enthusiast and really enjoy smoking.

The important thing on that night was that we all had fun playing and pretty much laughed the whole time.  I might have had a mouth full of crackers with my complete lack of skill saying most of the tongue twisters.  Others did very well and seemed to meet with a cheer from the crowd.  Dab Out involved all those playing and the many onlookers.  I can see having a party just to feature your new Dab Out Game!

Here are some pictures I took before the game, the ones I took during the game came out… blurry! Copies of Dab out can be purchased at