Smoking Pot with your Parents/Kids!


My friend Jordon gets high with his parents.  His mother makes him pot cookies, asks questions about smoking gear, and basically gives him enough material to have a comedy routine based on it.  I laughed when Jordon talked about hanging out with his Dad, getting stoned, and buying jeans.  All I could think of that it was such a wonderful thing that this family was so close, and cannabis was part of all their lives.  Knowing that this kind of situation can be real and beneficial, I wondered what kind of advice I could give parents and kids about this new NORML!

I have never known anyone to overdose on pot.  Cannabis is not physically addictive; maybe psychologically, but not the horrible addicting effects of opioids.  I think that cigarettes and most prescription medications are more dangerous than cannabis.  The side effects of many medications, alcohol, and cigarettes can kill you.  That is just not going to happen to you from smoking a joint or enjoying bong hits!  The cannabis and hemp plants have been some of the most beneficial crops to humans for thousands of years.  It’s time to adjust the way we deal with this issue with our family.

Be honest! Parents and kids need to be honest about their enthusiasm for cannabis.  It is important to be kind as you discuss your opinions, make sure that you do not judge, but to share how you feel and why.  Try not to “shock” others with your prowess on consuming or smoking tons of pot.  Instead, talk about how cannabis makes you feel and how your enjoyment is not based on peer pressure or trying to be cool.  Unfortunately, some people don’t like pot and live with the fact that there still remains fear from bad drugs. 

For me, cannabis fits into my personal philosophy, enjoy life in moderation.  I can’t hide that I have a slight cough from doing bong hits for over 35 years, but thankfully in doesn’t impact my health that much.  I’m physically fit, in fact, more fit than I was 20 years ago.  I would explain that smoking cannabis has actually helped my health.  It has taught me that there is an alternative to traditional medicine and that it is more important what you put in you.  Smoking before I work-out has enhanced my experience playing tennis and doing yoga and allows me to be in the moment.  I have never enjoyed these activities more in my life!

Do I smoke pot with my kids?  I’m not ready yet.  My wife doesn’t smoke, and I feel self-conscious when she watches me get high.  Maybe when the social stigma is less around here: Long Island is not the most liberal place.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  The average local is close-minded and poorly educated.  When I travel to nearby Brooklyn, it’s like going to another country, a place where folks are friendly and open-minded. I’m waiting for the day when pot is no big deal, and the idea of getting high with your kids is as common as sharing a beer.