One summer never ends, one summer never begins!

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The arrival of August is a reminder that that Summer of 2019 will soon be over.  Sultry mornings, hot afternoons, and evenings that seem to go on forever.  The fragrant morning haze and the orchestral chaos of morning bird calls and strange insect sounds.  Each day seems to be endless, a time where tomorrow never comes.  And those stifling days of oppressive heat, where the air from the AC is a blessing and a chance to lower your core temperature.

The summer does end and our time on this glorious planet will end.  That time is not now, but it will come. And we have a mission before we die: make the world a better place than you were given.  The lessons we learn from summer can help us figure out how to save Earth from the excesses of consumerism and greed.  So follow me down the garden path to find out how return Earth to Eden, a truly holy purpose.

We are what we eat! This seems to be a strange thing to start with, but a society of overweight people and those who go hungry seems insane.  First, try growing your own food - see it’s hard!  That means you should have more respect for farmers and those who dedicate their lives to providing citizens with quality food.  If you spend your money on processed garbage, you basically put farmers out of work.  Fresh and local is the secret - know who grows your food and support them.  Your money has an enormous impact on how resources are managed, so be careful and think about who is making money on your food dollars?

You think this is garbage?  Well, the world is now reaching crisis proportions when it comes to waste.  From micro-plastics in the water supply, to giant floating garbage patches in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, to a worldwide shortage of recycling capacity, we are at a tipping point!  The answer is as easy as being careful with how you spend your money!  Purchase no first-use plastic. There is a surplus of recycled plastic to last for hundreds of years, so stop buying anything that is not made from recycled materials, period!  This eruption in market forces will change the world economies to adopt this new normal for business.  See? Simple!

Treat your surroundings like you treat your body.  All those chemicals we expose ourselves to on a daily basis can and do make us unhealthy.  Too much sunblock is now associated with increased skin cancer, so by covering yourself with this product it prevents nothing, but it does make you think that the radiation from the sun is doing no damage to your skin and other sensitive body systems.  Your skin burns to warn you about the danger of the sun, so it is far better to limit your exposure or cover up and allow your skin to acclimate and adapt to powerful sunlight.  The same goes for weed killer and other chemicals to make your lawn look perfect.  Life is messy, and mono-crops invite single weeds to invade and do harm.  So provide a good diet for you, for your garden, and your world.

Electric cars are here! We collectively need to switch to electric vehicles in the next five years.  The paradigm shift would effectively kill the fuel engine industry and that would be good.  Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, praised game changing systems and technology.  This change in demand will force car and truck makers to adapt to the new economy or go the way of the horse and buggy.  Your ride can drive the economy to greener place and put us back on track to return to Eden. And to make a America the natural wonder it once was.