Ganja Game Night- A Beginners Guide


Hello to the readers of my blog.  I enjoy writing and informing those who grace me with their attention.  Believe it or not, one of my skills is being a good host and an experienced party thrower.  My talent for organization allows for the greatest amount of “partying” during parties.  A great Ganja Game Night is no different.  If the host plans the night in advance, you will be surprised how a smooth a evening of getting high can be.  I can remember nights where our stoner imagination was pushed to the limits just to smoke, so follow my simple guide and enjoy!

There are so many good ganja games that it’s going to be tricky buying your first one.  You have to decide if you want a party game, a hang out game, or a full blown Dab session.  My suggestion is to start with a good group game where smoking is part of the game, but not the focus.  Roll-a-Bong board game is a rolling and smoking game for the whole joint and is known to be a party in a box.  This would be my first choice.  If you choose Roll-a-Bong you are going to need to get a few supplies and gear for the game.

Th host will need to provide a bong, a pipe, and some rolling papers.  The supplies include drinks of your choice, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, some caffeinated beverages, snacks of several forms, and water.  Music is a must while playing Roll-a-Bong, so have music playing and be ready to change if someone lands on that square.  Mainly, think of everything you would need for a party, and that’s what  you need for this game.

If you want a game to play all weekend, I suggest Dealer’s Cup.  It plays in a similar way as Monopoly, but players buy and sell weed.  The game is detailed with two kinds of cards, boats to carry your weed, tons of cash, and other great features.  The playing time is more than 3 hours and players will have the opportunity to smoke while you play, but it is not the focus of the game.  Selling enough weed to get $100,000 is the goal, and it takes a considerable amount of time to achieve that. 

Dab Out, lets dabbers show their true colors, but dabbing is not required to play this game.  A cool looking game with a retro feel, Dab Out board game makes you say tongue twisters and do dabs.  This is the King of smoking games and all others must bow to the intense smoking fun of this champion.  The game pawns are amazing: they depict many of our favorite dabbing tools.  The art is first rate and this game can be played and replayed, it’s that fun!

If you want a laid back evening of smoking and playing cards, Bindu is the game for you.  The deck has cannabis themed suits including Bongs, Pipes, Honey Dabs, and Joints.  This simple trick game gives players a chance to have a light, medium, or heavy smoking session with the four Rasta cards.  Bindu can be played with 2, 3, or 4 players and can easily be mastered in the first gaming session.  “Bindu” or “Point” occurs when a player sweeps the table and is awarded a point.  This game has been around for centuries waiting to be revived for today’s cannabis enthusiasts.

Each game has it’s specific gear and supplies, but rest assured that having the materials ready to game will make playing easier and add to the enjoyment of the afternoon or evening.  Have clean gear too: take some time to clean to the bong, or de-gunk your rig or your pipe.  Have a pack of rolling papers on hand, get something that everyone can roll like Curved Papers or a pre-made cone for the blunt.  Chill the drinks and be ready to serve them in cups or glasses, it just adds to the party feel.  Mostly, have a good supply of ganja - all of these games have smoking, so weed is an essential element, or it would just be “Game Night!”  I also believe that if there will be lighter smokers playing, have some CBDs just in case the high gets too intense as they really mellow out the high.  I also love to have a few treats for my guests, ganja gamers are cannabis lovers, so a nice infused cookie or brownie is always a nice touch.

Please remember, when sending selfies or pictures to Roll-a-Bong, don’t show active smoking.  It’s cool to show your weed, your gear, and your red eyes, but please re-frame for showing smoking shots. Folks get in trouble for stuff like that, and there is no reason to harsh your buzz!  Ganja Game Night is all about community, enjoyment, and a way to show our enthusiasm towards cannabis.