Ganja Game Night 2019 Part 3


International Monopoly with Weed: Introducing Dealer’s Cup Board Game

I fell in love with this game the first time I played it.  Players travel around the 23” by 23” flexible board, buying ganja and homegrown from different international cities like Jamaica, Amsterdam, Morocco, New York, and the home of the game maker, Berlin.  The Red and Green Visa cards tell you what cities you can buy and sell in.  Along the way are “Shit Happens” spaces.  When you land there, you receive a “Shit Happens” card.  These cards are hysterical and incredibly detailed.   Other players can “jack” your cash and weed, on the way to market to sell your goods.  There is a Jail square like Monopoly and “Pot Island” which is similar to “Free Parking.”

This game takes a bit of time to play, so you will have to set aside an afternoon or an evening to play.  This game also has drinking and smoking involved, so it is only to be played where recreational cannabis is legal and by individuals over 21.  Dealer’s Cup is a board game of the highest quality and the game is manufactured with great detail and craft.  The artwork on the cards is humorous and adds to the experience of playing. 

“Cut the deal of your life… but be careful, you may lose your stash and your cash!”  Dealer’s Cup shows the dis-organized side of crime!  The game’s author is Heiner Egbert, a member of my Ganja Gaming Guild: a group of independent game designers who help to promote and sell each other’s games.  Dealer’s Cup is a popular game in Amsterdam, gracing dozens of coffee houses.  At the “Spannabis” festival in Spain this past weekend, the “Cup” was a fan favorite and a huge hit!  This game is a smash in Europe!

Unfortunately, there are only two locations in the United States to purchase this game.  One is Pounds Lifestyle, a cannabis themed lifestyle boutique, with three locations: Queens, NY; Humboldt, CA; and Las Vegas NV.  The second is from where they have dozens of copies available for purchase.  Any way you get this game, you gotta get this game for your next ganja game night!