You Got The Gear?

Soufeast Ratchetcakes is the brand, and it’s brilliant.  The quality, the graphics, the practicality, all on target and straight from D.C.  The Ganja Gaming Guild is offering two items from the “Ratchetcakes” collection.  The lunch box and rolling tray both sport the “Ratchetcakes” logo and will impress any cannabis enthusiast. Both items are made of a durable metal and will last the owner through many years of partying. 

This is not the first partnership between Blunt Factz, DC's first Cannagame Show, and the Ganja Gaming Guild.  On April 20th, 2019 at the RFK Festival Grounds, Blunt Factz and The Ganja Gaming Guild came together to entertain and exchange the attendees of the great National Cannabis Festival. It was a huge hit.  Together they sponsored and ran an underground game night featuring Roll-a-Bong board game.  WE are still waiting for the release of that hilarious footage.

Do you need partying gear? A great game to play with your ganja mates?  We have it all at  Please stop by and see if we can find you that special item to add to your next session.  Here are a few of the items available through the Ganja Gaming Guild…

THC the Game.jpg