The History of Poker Dice and Its Newest Descendant


I was told the story by a an older cousin when I was young.  Cowboys would sit around the fire at night and play poker, but the cards were quickly damaged by the harsh environment of the trail.  The solution was to use the dice they had and create a game like poker with the dice.  My cousin then gave me a set of Poker Dice with face cards instead of numbers, there were five dice and my friends and I loved the game.

The dice were old and after several months of playing, the dice became worn and hard to read.  I was told that there were several dice games based on Cowboy Poker Dice, one of them was Yahtzee.    The game Yahtzee was invented by a wealthy Canadian couple to play aboard their yacht.  Unlike Poker Dice, this game featured a 13-round game where individuals needed to score in all 13 scoring columns.  No gambling was involved, just an intricate scoring sheet with specific rules on how to play and score the game.  Yahtzee is still a popular game and people still enjoy this improved poker dice game.

In the popular game market, there are very few good dice games.  Games like Farkle, Bunco, Kismet, and Craps are still widely played and enjoyed by gamers of all ages.  These games feature scoring systems for your dice rolls and have a means of getting points towards winning.  It’s a fact that people love dice games- the tactile experience of shaking the dice then throwing them is completely exhilarating!  The amazing thing is that dice games are humankind’s first games and there is a built-in love of casting dice.

The Cannabis game market has it’s own variety of dice games.  Toker Dice, Zonk, Cosmic Wimp-Out, Smoking Dice Game, Weed Dice, and a few others.  Most of these games feature a method to smoke and how to smoke based on the dice rolls. You roll, and the dice tell you what to do.  Others have a scoring system so players compete to see who gets the goal score first.  These games are fun, but not like the mass market games.  The solution seems easy: update Cowboy Dice!

The game of High Roller plays in many ways like poker dice or Yahtzee, but there are built in are smoking rolls.  Players get 10 rounds to score the most  for straights, pairs, and other high scoring combinations.  After ten rounds, players tabulate their rolls to see who won the game.  Along the way, players will have a “420” break and get a “High Score” for this special roll.  High Roller focuses on playing a game in the modern world, so all scoring is done on your phone, no wasting paper or valuable resources.  The game will be contained in a recycled plastic pot container and will feature 5 pot leaf dice. 

So… let’s go back to those days of the Buffalo Soldiers: relax, and carouse around the fire!  With the stars overhead and the song of coyotes in the distance, we will cast the dice and compete for hits and points.  Only then can we see who truly is the “HIGH ROLLER!”