Roll-a-Bong and the Gaming Guild

the rolling and smoking game for the whole joint

Roll-a-Bong - a cannabis smoking board game, is available for all ganja smokers and gamers alike.

Game of the Day - Stoner's Jenga

Take a hit, pull a block, and wait for your next turn.  I could have never imagined that one of my favorite games, Jenga, could be more fun.  It’s true, the Stoner’s Edition of Jenga, makes the art of pulling out the most precarious block seem epic!  Each round, the tension increases as the tower becomes less stable. Each hit followed by the nerve-wracking trick of pulling out a wooden block with one hand, makes every turn exciting and nail biting. 

At my last “Game Night” the Stoner’s Jenga game got serious.  The stack got taller than one of the players, it was massive.  The tower teetered and tottered, but each turn, the other two players seemed to defy gravity and physics to pull out a block.  My boasting about my Jenga skills came crashing down on my toes on my turn.  My wife laughed her self silly! The other players congratulated me on my skills!  Lucky for me, I was too stoned to care!  It was a really fun game and I can’t wait to play again.

Jenga game play.png

Game of the Day - Bindu

Game of the Day - Dab Out

Game of the Day - Roll-a-Bong

Roll-a-Bong at ARMF 2017

Roll-a=Bong will be at A Rebel Minded Festival 2017 on August 16th at the Paperbox in Brooklyn from 12-8pm.  Come see us to purchase your copy and have a great time with other cannabis enthusiasts.  Buy your tickets at

We can't wait to see you there!